As cars have become more complex over the years, so have their repairs. Our technicians can repair all types of auto body materials such as high-strength and double-strength steel, aluminum and carbon fiber.

We understand how to approach carbon fiber technologies without compromising their structural integrity. By using manufacturer repair techniques, we ensure the vehicle’s authenticity is reinstated.

De Vries Exclusive Car Painting has expanded its operations with a car trailer to provide its clients with pick-up, delivery and towing service and assure quality control during transit.

Our professional air-suspended car transporter can transport all vehicles without problems, including cars with low ground clearance.

We have invested in training, specialized tooling and equipment to ensure our highly skilled technicians can carry out aluminum repairs to the finest detail in aluminum- and steel-separated areas.

Restoring the original or new paint by correcting and removing paint defects and giving your car a high-quality treatment to protect its paint against dirt and chemicals.